The South Carolina Military History Club was founded in October 1986 by Frank W. Young, M.D. The first two meetings were at Doctor Young's home with drinks and dinner. The presentation on the first night was given by Dr. John Carter on "Wade Hampton during the Civil War." Charter members present opening night included: Frank Young, John Carter, Trip Jones, Jerry Howard, Earl Ellis, Don Davis, Guy Calvert, George Rentz, Dave Gatti, Russell Plowden, and Bryan Walker.

Earlier Programs

El Alamein and Dieppe, presented by Bill Mahon; Dunkirk, The Battle of France and the Battle of Britain by Frank Young; Taranto and D-Day by General Mabry; The Battle of the Bulge by Colonel Murray along with Trip Jones and his father; Anzio and Arnhem by George Rentz and Moffat Burriss; The Battle of Bull Run by Hank Powell; The Somme and the 8th Air Force by Frank Young; Rork's Drift and the Sudan campaign by Dave Gatti; Fighter Aircraft of World War I by Pat Teague; and the Peninsula Campaign by Russell Plowden.

Other programs described battles in the European and Pacific Theaters. While others focused on famous wartime historical figures such as Sir Winston Churchill and General Douglas MacArthur. SCMH Club members have also given presentations describing their personal war experience including: Russ Meyne, Stan Stanek, and Don Lang.

Purposes of the Club:

  1. Open membership to all who are interested in military history, rather than by invitation only.
  2. Programs may be from any war era, not just World War II or the Civil War.
  3. Members of the SCMH Club are encouraged to suggest topics; but outside guest speakers are welcomed.
  4. The SCMH Club will meet on the third Tuesday of every other month (beginning in January) starting with a brief social, followed by a meal, and the evening's program.
  5. The Commandant will give final approval of the topic based on the experience of the presenter