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This is about yesterday's movie stars who were real, live American warriors. They were also stars of the silver screen. Most of them are dead now, but let's not forget what they did for their countrymen during World War Two.
In contrast to the ideals, opinions and feelings of many of today's "Hollywonks" the real actors of this nation's troubled times loved their country. With the advent of World War II many of these actors went on to fight rather than stand and rant against the nation we all love.
These former movie stars gave up wealth, position and fame to become armed forces men & women, many as simple enlisted men. Below are listed some movie stars who came home with over 70 medals to mark their valor, ranging from the Bronze Star, Silver Star, Distinguish Service Cross, Purple Heart and even the highest medal of them all — the Congressional Medal of Honor.
Many of these brave entertainers/warriors have since passed away.

Sir Alec Guinness
So how do you feel about these heroes of the silver screen who also served us on the battlefield?  Compare these patriots with the "hollywonks" of today who spew anti-American drivel as they bite the hand that feeds and protects them?